September 27, 2016



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                ROAD TO WARRIOR

                TFW training begins with Road to Warrior beginner course that lasts for 4 weeks. Road to Warrior beginner courses begin monthly, and they teach to safely execute techniques used in TFW training. Road to Warrior strength exercises consists of training with barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and body weight.

                Road to Warrior strength training classes are held twice per week. On top of strength training you are able to take part in TFW Hurricane training 1-2 times per week. Hurricane training consists of short, high-intensity sprint and agility exercises accompanied by muscle-building exercises. Hurricane is very effective for rising heart-rate that challenges full body, mind and coordination, and improves strength, endurance, and burns fat.

                TFW Road to Warrior beginner course is more than just a training program. Join us to learn correct strength training exercises and to find healthy nutrition plan. Find your inner warrior and reach your goals by signing up for an amazing journey!

                Hurricane (duration 60 min)

                Hurricane as a training is short and powerful, such as the storm, and that is the pride of the TFW method. During the classes we will work with diverse exercises which gives you a boost for the day by providing a high heart-rate and an amazing feeling. Hurricane was initially developed for martial arts, but soon it was discovered that it's suitable for everyone who wishes to burn fat and to improve endurance and mental strength. Varying equipment is used in training as well as body weight exercises. Training increases strength, endurance and mental strength.

                Strength 1 & 2 (duration 60 min)

                Strength training is the corner stone of TFW method. Strength training with correct techniques create a base for all training, and it keeps you going stronger every day. Equipment used for training can be dumbbells, barbells and free weight.

                Strength 1 concentrates on training upper-body muscles, and Strength 2 is for lower body training. Deadlifts and varying squat exercises, for example, are used for developing strength. Pull-ups and push-ups are also used in the courses.

                Strength training courses are a perfect fit for everybody, no matter what your fitness level is.

                SPEED & STRENGTH (Nopeus & Voima)

                Hurricane and strength training combo. This course develops your endurance, speed, strength, and explosiveness.

                Black belt hurricane

                Black Belt Hurricane is a course for Warriors who have over 200 TFW trainings under their belt. Course includes more challenging exercise variations and new exercises that are suitable for a seasoned Warrior. Exercises supplement monthly strength exercises. Black Belt Hurricane can be selected instead of Hurricane 1 and Hurricane 2.

                Sensible training

                TFW recommends to follow a formula: 4D + 4E (4 Days + Forever). The formula suggests that a maximum of 2 strength training, 2 hurricane trainings, and at least 2 rest days per week should be followed.

                Sufficient rest and correct nutrition on top of training make it possible for recovery and effectiveness of training.

                TFW is not a sport, it is a life style and a philosophy, that helps you to move forward in your life and gain extra energy for your daily life.

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