August 19, 2016

What is Training for Warriors?

Do you want to burn fat, improve your endurance, increase muscle mass and improve your self-confidence? Are you looking for a motivating and inspirational training environment?

Training for Warriors program has been used worldwide by thousands of athletes of varying sports to improve physical performance and mental strength. However, TFW is not only for athletes. We work day to day with regular people who want to achieve more in life and feel better overall. Thousands of people worldwide have achieved incredible results, and they keep improving themselves daily with TFW methods.

TFW differs from other methods by it's holistic approach to training. It combines diverse warming up, speed, strength, endurance, and mobility training as well as mental training and nutritional coaching to create a unique method. Every part of the exercise is guided by philosophic principles that create the base for the TFW method. Result is diverse, safe and effective training program that makes it possible for everyone to reach their goals and make dreams come true!

Training for Warriors (TFW) is created and developed by coach Martin Rooney. American Rooney initially created the method for top athletes, but realized its perfect fit for regular gym-goers. TFW uniquely combines body and mind training and can be equipped for those who want to improve their level of fitness, performance, and overall wellbeing - not to forget mental strength. One of the most important goals of TFW is to "Bring out the Warrior within".

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Visit the international Training for Warriors website to find out more about our activity around the world.


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