September 8, 2016

Personal Training

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, tailored personal program will make it possible for you the reach your full potential with best techniques. During our coaching meetings we will set goals and find exercises fit for those goals. On top of that, the package includes nutritional advice, muscle maintenance and telephone support, all for one price,

Personal Trainer package includes:

  • Coaching meetings
  • Nutritional planning
  • Fitness tests
  • Muscle maintenance
  • Training program
  • Telephone support

Please note that the content of the package will be decided between the coach and the customer.
Coaching meetings will typically happen at TFW Oulu's premises. These fees will not cover entrance fees to other gyms. Service does not include TFW Oulu membership.

TFW Oulu's personal trainers are Tuomas, Teemu, and Anna. You can find their introductions here!



Private sessions

65€/h (Personal training)

300€/5 hours (Personal training)

Nutrition plan

Personal nutrition plan. Includes: meeting, nutrition analysis and nutrition plan. 250€

Training program

8 week personal training program, one meeting 200€
(Doesn't include training session)

16 week personal training program, one meeting 360€
(Doesn't include training session)

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