December 2, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

How does TFW differ from other functional training programs?

1. Weights are not determined in advance, TFW programming gives exercises, sets and repetitions. Individual will choose suitable weight for each training session. The training is supposed to increase the level of the individual by the best possible way.

2. Focus is on perfect form, we won't want to stress the amount of weight on the bar. We stress the cleanliness of the form in the exercise and on top of the strong technique we can start adding weight. It is more important to have a good form than to have higher weight.

3. Making exercises hard for you, no kipping and swinging. Clean strength training as a philosophy is to have great form and work through the exercises as clean as possible. We make use of the tempo in our exercises and slowing it down. We seek results and development, not repetitions.

4. Focus on coaching. TFW training is not only guided, but we want to produce quality coaching. Our coaches guide the training session, they demand more, and help to reach correct form, and most importantly they are there to cheer you up and help you improve.

5. Risk/Benefit. Exercises of the training are chosen by the safety of the exercise. Some exercises such as kipping pull-ups, muscle-ups, hand-standing, etc. might not be suitable for regular person who wishes to burn fat and gain muscle. We have chosen alternative exercises that are safer.

6. TFW is not a sport, the system is meant to develop the participant. We're not competing against each other, we're one big team! Everyone starts at their own level, and every drop of sweat and added weight in the barbell creates a good feeling, self-confidence and wellbeing to daily life. That is our mission.


I don't have any experience of gym and my level of fitness is zero. Would I still manage with the course?

Road to Warrior course is for everyone, and it doesn't matter what level of fitness you're at. The purpose of the training is to develop the participant by increasing coordination skills, and improving endurance and strength levels. Even though the training happens in groups and with a partner, everyone is there to improve themselves. Your level of fitness is exactly the right fit for our course.

What does RTW 1 and RTW 2 mean? What about Hurricane 1 and 2?

Road to Warrior beginner course includes 2 strength trainings per week. These two are marked down in the calendar as RTW 1 and RTW 2. Your goal is to participate both classes weekly, but not the same class twice per week (for example, you shouldn't attend RTW 1 twice in one week, instead choose RTW 2 for the second session). Also we have Hurricane 1 and 2 trainings that have the same recommendations.

How big part is weight lifting in the training session?

Weight lifting is a great sport, but it's not a main part of TFW training. We may use weight lifting in our training sessions, but it's not a main focus. Why is this?

Weight lifting demands a lot of time, and mobility and technique training before we will start to see results. A base strength level should be obtained before starting weight lifting. If focus would be on weight lifting, it wouldn't be as effective and all the time spent on it would be taken away from more productive strength training.

If you're more into weight lifting, we recommend joining another club.

What does TFW DOJO mean?

Do - path, and Jo - enlightment. It means a place for individual mental and physical training. You go to gym, but you use TFW Dojo to train.

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